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A3 - Can't find Sick Boy in Shayder

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I'm replaying Avernum 3 after a long time, and tooling along. I've finished the Slime and Roach quests. That's when I remembered that I need to speak to Judith to get the location of the Fury Crossbow. Rache's walkthrough (wonderful resource, by the way) says I first have to help out Sick Boy with a few coins. He, however, seems to be missing. Does he die by the end of the Roach quest? Is there any way I can find him?


In Krizsan, I've got Fellows quest to find his ring, but I might have sold it before I got the quest from him. Is there any way to complete this quest now, or is it lost to me forever?


Does any one know SDF flags for these two problems I have, so I can accomplish these two burning needs of mine?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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