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What level did you beat these games at?

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Because of the way experience works on Jeff's games (the higher your level, the less experience you get for the same kill or quest), the negative traits typically end up only adding a few levels to your final level. I haven't played A1 in a long time, but I'm assuming it works similarly to the later Avernums in this regard.


If I'm trying to make the best party, I tend to avoid negative traits. If I want a challenge party, though, I'll sometimes take them.


Edit: Never mind, I guess this does work differently in A1-3...

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Originally Posted By: RaustBlackDragon
Trying to work out if my double-negative-trait character will run out of level-ups before the end of the game. Is that likely?
In A1, if you try to do every possible quest, no matter how minor, there's a good chance you'll hit the cap. In the others, I'm not sure, because I don't know what the caps are.
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Avernum 1: Cap at level 40, reachable without too much trouble with a party of four. Double positive traits might be too much, though.


Avernum 2: Cap at level 50, with a drastic slowdown in xp gain after level 45. I think a typical party would reach level 48 or 49 - this is probably the game where traits have the smallest influence on character level at the very end.


Avernum 3: I'm not sure what the level cap is. I had a maximum xp bonus character in a party of four that got to around level 100. Probably above 100, but it's been a while. A party of four with xp penalties close to maximum still got above level 50. By the way, when you reach level 35, skill point gain drops from 8 per level to 6 per level.


Avernum 1 to 3 don't lower experience based upon the difference between your level and the monster's level. You can hit the level cap and then need to use skill potions to get more skill points. However there are very few things that you still need by that point.

In Avernum 3, at least, level difference has a large impact. A level 1 character can level up from killing a few slimes, but around level 10, it's down to 1 xp per slime. This is readily seen if you recruit Hsska as soon as possible - at first, he'll gain xp at a much slower rate than the rest of the party.

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