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Can't fix screen resolution issue

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I hit the "Always change screen resolution" option, but it doesn't fit right, so I need to change it. After lots of effort I can finally get TO the preferences window to make it ask again, but it doesn't seem to save that preference. I can't fix the issue. It seems locked. Is there a fix for this??? I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled, yet it still seems to remember the setting.... GRRRR (Issue is on Windows 7)


BONUS question: Is there any way I can convert my save game from a mac to a windows version?

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I don't quite know about that. But, the screen resolution 800x600 might be already obsolete for your high-res laptop or something. Just to get it right, stick to not changing the resolution...


BONUS ANSWER: No. It would take some coding, but modifying .sav (or whatever the file format on mac is...) file is not, and never will be a good idea...



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Just saw that this was a cross-post from Tech Support. I'll leave my original answer below, but it's not really relevant since you've figured out how to get it working.


I'm assuming you've installed the game to Program Files? Windows 7 (and Vista) have increased security for the Program Files folder which stop unauthorised writing to files within it. I guess what's happening with you is that the preferences file is not being written when you change the preferences, and so your choice isn't sticking.


Since running the program as an administrator works, I'd just do that. In future, you might want to install your games to a different folder - I find that c:\games works great.


Click to reveal..
To get the game to ask again you'll have to delete the preferences file (which will, unfortunately, unregister your game); I'd have thought uninstalling/reinstalling would remove that but I guess not.


Anyway. Since you didn't say which game you were using, I'll just assume Avernum 1. The information should work for any of the trilogy, though. If you're using a Macintosh, throw away the "Avernum Prefs" file in the Preferences folder. If you're using Windows, delete the "Avernum" (or "Avernum.dat" if you changed the settings to turn on file extensions) file in the Avernum Data folder.* You'll have to email Spiderweb for a new registration code if you registered already.


*Information ripped from SW's support page

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