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Beta Testers Wanted: 2 scenarios


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I'm looking for beta testers for my two scenarios.


1. New Market City (a utility scenario)


2. Desperate Moves (a "real" scenario with abt 11 towns. It's slightly puzzle-oriented.)


The beta versions should be ready in a week, if nothing catastrophic happens.


If you want to test, tell me your email address, your name (will appear in the credits) and operating system. Also mention which scenario you want to test, or both.

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Can you give a brief description of the scenario? I may like to test them, but I'd like to know what kind of scenario they are first.


Also if they will take more than an hour or so to test I may not have time until after my exams are over (about two weeks, I think).

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OK. They are both small scenarios, but there's no great rush to get them released. (It took me two years to make them...) As long as they make it to the next contest... So, if you have time to test them next month, it should be fine


1. New Market City.


This is a utility scenario that you can use to train single party members and whole parties, and to waste excess money between two scenarios.


(The previous utility scenario I made was A Shopping Scenario, but that may have been the first scenario I made.)


2. Desperate Moves.


Short description: Duke Kashron is desperate to protect his duchy. You must win the hearts of a goblin army to his side or find another way to expand his small army.


This scenario is more in the category of "comedy" or "parody".


The last "real" scenario I made was The Leaving. This one is not quite similar. The puzzles are hopefully not as "annoying" to some players as in The Leaving.

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Hmm, potentially friendly goblins... I like that. (In general I like the idea of making normally hostile creatures friendly.)


I already have a utility scenario that I made, but I could always try another one. Mine is flexible but a little inefficient.


(I have sent you a private message.)

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