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Items in Avernum 3 Don't Work!

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Hi, I am new to these forums. I have played a number of newer Spiderweb games (and the newer Nethergate) and they all work fine. However, in Avernum 3 many (maybe most) of the items used such as a Robe of Magery (supposedly +1 Intelligence), Lucky Charm(sp?) (Supposedly +1 Luck) really do absolutely nothing. And no, I don't mean they don't just show up on the Character's skill page. I mean they don't seem to change a thing! For example with the Robe of Magery increasing Intelligence shouldn't the spell points increase? Yet there is nothing. Anyone else notice this? Thanks for the help.

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No, I have tried it on two different machines (XP and Windows 7). It definitely appears to be a persistant bug. Most items I have tried -particularly Intelligence enhancing items- seem to have absolutely no effect(in spellpoints etc) other than cosmetic. Maybe this only happens on Windows versions of the game. I know they were originally designed for Mac.

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I'm pretty sure somebody else would've noticed this if it were a bug.


Anyway, as far as I understand/remember, equipment that give bonuses to stats do so without affecting secondary skills. So, a ring that gives +1 to Endurance wouldn't give bonus HP, just as Intelligence wouldn't give bonus SP. They also don't count towards secondary skills (like Magery or Blademaster). If you were so inclined, you could run a series of tests to see if your damage with spells increases when you have the stat-raising equipment on. It's a bit of a let down, but it does get better in later SW games.


Also, welcome to Spiderweb Software Message Boards! Tradition demands I request you leave your sanity at the door; it'll really help in the long run. wink


(As an aside, forum-member Thoukydides did a series of tests on the gear from Avernum 1 a while ago. It's not directly relevant, but it's useful reading, and it does show that equipment actually does have an effect. It's here if you wanted to read it.)

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