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A:EftP - Dispel Barrier: Could I have seen this coming?

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So I finally reached the spellbook for dispel barrier, and discovered, to my horror, that in order to max out dispel barrier, you have to not know it at all before then!


Okay, I can understand that from a gameplay perspective, but the problem is that there's absolutely no way you could possibly have known that at the time. Spellbooks don't work that way anywhere else in the game, and when games take as long as this game does, unexpectedly hitting them with something not even the character editor can restore, something that can only be fixed by restarting the game, which I've probably invested several dozen hours in, I just...


Okay. Done raging.


Am I wrong? Was there indeed some warning that this would happen if I bought those spell levels early? If not, then just this once I'm going to use this one shot I can think of to fix it:


The only solution I can think of is to whip out the character editor, note my two mages' stats, skills and traits and completely turn them into eachother, so my paladin becomes my spellslinger and my spellslinger becomes my paladin, so that I'll be able to add back in those two dispel barrier levels to total 3.


So was there a warning? Was there something I missed that would clue me in to the fact that this would happen?

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It's OK, really! The third level of DB comes from a spell book in Khoth's lair. The one in the Drake tunnels only gives a level if you haven't bought it already, that's true. I guess this was included as an alternative way to get the first level, but you it wouldn't get you to three even if you used it first.

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