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Geneforge under Linux/Wine text wrap glitch


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I have purchased the GOG release of the Geneforge series and am attempting to play under Kubuntu Linux using Wine 1.4.


The game loads up nicely and everything works pretty well, except that text does not wrap to the next line consistently when it reaches the edge of its display space. About 5% of text is missing because of this bug. This occurs in both the help documents and the game's main text window.


Running the game in stretched vs non-stretched mode doesn't affect this behavior.


I have attempted to apply solutions from this forum for similar problems reported by other users, but those were not on Linux, so perhaps these workarounds were never relevant. Here they are anyway:

Manually set color depth to 16 bits with xorg.conf, did not help.

Manually adjusted both menu and regular font sizes in Wine, doesn't seem to make any difference.

I also checked whether the Wine registry was specifying the high-resolution fonts that one user reported were the source of a similar problem, but it has been using the standard fonts the entire time.


Geneforge 2 has exactly the same problem. Geneforge 3 has a much less severe variant where the first letter of roughly every second line of text is cut off.


Thank you for your time.

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