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Lag on Geneforge 3


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I'm posting this in tech support because I know this isn't my computer (Because I have a 3,6x4 processor and a Radeon 6670 graphics card).


I've been replaying G3 again, this time with the copy I got from steam (I'm pretty sure I've purchased most of the Geneforge games more than once from various sources) and I've no memories of this happening before (I've played each one at least 2-3 times)


It's quite strange as it plays flawlessly, but when I'm in the inventory, the cursor is laggy. I'm not talking just sluggish, it's moving at a nice speed, but it's as if it's only processing mouse movements every second: And the coin icons are pretty small. Here's the strange part: If I have a dialog up over the inventory, like an item info screen, even though the inventory is still up, the problem instantly stops.


It also seems to be having some symptoms of lag in combat: Sometimes the framerate goes quite low and animations are sluggish, and I have to click 2-3 times to attack something :'(


The game is playing at 1080p resolution, on 64-bit Windows 7, if that helps.


Sorry if this is a known problem, I've ran a few different searches through Google (As I know from experience that forum search bars are never reliable) and could find nothing.




I was just double-checking and it seems the inventory lag only happens when I'm SELLING to someone, not just idly browsing my inventory.

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Oh noes frown


I must've just been in a quiet area, but as soon as I got into another big fight thing and there was lots of "Vlish has been poisuned trolol u gon die nxt" messages it started happening again frown




Ah, wait, I didn't do that database thing. Typical of me to miss that.

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