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Barter in A1

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There's a maximum sellback of 59.99% of item value for all items and shops in the game, regardless of your barter level. I believe once you get 20 barter a slith spear might sell for 42 gold. Also, as Randomizer said, the skill is based on your total party level, so 5 barter on all 4 members is enough to max out sellback for almost every shop.

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Apologies for picking this up late, but you may or may not know that in AV1, you're able to sell to Healers for the maximum sellback value, regardless of your party's Barter skill.


I found this to be invaluable because:


1) It renders the Barter skill unnecessary.

2) It's a boon to players like myself who prefer a 1-2 person party.

3) For obsessive players, it's a tidy way to dispose of loot.


It's my opinion that Healers are located conveniently enough throughout the game to make this a viable option.


Hope you're enjoying Avernum.

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