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Storing items

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Hello. I'm now playing A1. I have a question. I dumped few items in a fort. A few meal sacks, few trophys etc in one pile.Went battleing. Then I dumped some of my food (meat, mushrooms) there, and went farming mobs again. Now i wanted to go and sell all of the trophys and MY FOOD IS NOT THERE.





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I remember a room was designated for storing items in A3, but I can't think of one in A1. Interestingly, the A1 manual says:


Originally Posted By: Spiderweb
Finally, if you leave an item in a town, the item will still be there when you return.

For example, if you can’t carry all of the items you want to keep, leave the excess in Fort Avernum.


Another inaccuracy, perhaps. But are you sure you didn't go back to another save or maybe leave it in a different town than the one you're searching? I just left food in the middle of two different towns while I traveled around, and it was still there when I got back.


Edit: Oh, and welcome to Spiderweb software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Unlike your food, it may still be there when you go back for it. smile

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In my experience with the First Avernum Trilogy, I have noticed that dropped items do remain where you put them in all towns and even dungeons.


I found this out accidentally by dropping cursed items after I get them identified. I drop them outside the sage's shop, leave town and return. The items are still there, right where I put them.

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Yes. There are some suggestions of designated storage areas left over from the Exile trilogy, where you did have limited areas that remembered items. All of the Avernum games store anything you drop anywhere except outdoors.


—Alorael, who wonders if you hit one of the more irritating bugs. If there are too many items on the ground (or in containers) in a town, the game loses track and they start vanishing. It takes a ton of items to do that, but you can reach the limit if you hoard everything.

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I know that all items are where they were dropped intown, I just never dropped food before.



Also, I can say that my arrows are missing too.


I suddenly had a thought - what if the intown "wandering" NPCs are GODDAM THIEVES and it's them who are picking up my stuff? O_o

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