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I have two questions:


-Has the community behind encyclopaedia ermarian ever considered putting up the gif of the different creatures of the game?


-In avernum 2 I clearly recall Athron mentioning the existence of a mate, is this discussed in detail the encyclopaedia? There seems only have one mention of it on the Athron page: http://encyclopedia.ermarian.net/wiki/Athron

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The community behind EE used to be pretty much Slarty and me for a long while, and now it's mostly dormant (though Milla worked on it extensively earlier this year). If you want to edit anything, I can give you an account - registration and anonymous editing is closed because only spammers were using it.


There are some pictures (slithzerikai and nephilim). If you mean a specific article that could be improved by a game graphic, see above re editing.


I don't remember the game saying anything about Athron's mate that isn't included in the article. If you've found something, see above. smile

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