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Heeeere goblet, goblet(please read)

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There is some object on the altar in the North-West corner. There is also some object in the fartherst part of catacombs. (To enter catacombs, go down the stairs in the garden in South-Eastern part of the map.) I don't remember which object is which and my Nethergate page is down. (My friend who is hosting it is having problems with her ISP.)


If I remember correctly, the altar is just a decoy, so check downstairs first.

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I'll assume you're playing as the Romans; the Celts have no reason to search for the goblet. In the southern end of the trees by the shrine, there is a stairway leading down. Look around, there's a button hidden behind a few wine casks or sacks somewhere; press it. Then go to the southeastern end of the dungeon where you will find a library. Pressing the button should have moved a bookcase to the side to let you get into the deeper part of the library. Walk around until you find a portal; it will teleport you to a place with several ledges; fight your way to the top and you find the goblet. Tell me if this is unclear or wrong, I haven't had to search for the goblet for a while.

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