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Five Factor Personality Model

Depth of Thwart

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On 8/4/2020 at 9:45 PM, "Nothing Left" said:

I just took it again, despite all my many qualms and things I hate about this.  My results were bizarrely identical to what they were 8 years ago, to the point that maybe 75% of the scores I mentioned by name in the first post here were identical.

Paused for a minute as I struggled to put together that 2012 was actually eight years ago now.


At any rate, I've done up my numbers again since I thought to check it. If I omit 2017, that makes pleasant four year gaps between the data points.




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Well, this is a yearly tradition, for me if for no one else, so I did it again. Comparing my results to previous years, it looks like I've had a nosedive in the "Cheerfulness" and "Trust" subcategories. How perplexing. Anyway, a family member shared another Facebook post rife with Holocaust references, so I'm off to read that!

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..Friendliness 7  
..Gregariousness 8  
..Assertiveness 1  
..Activity Level 38  
..Excitement-Seeking 4  
..Cheerfulness 11  
..Trust 16  
..Morality 89  
..Altruism 80  
..Cooperation 93  
..Modesty 98  
..Sympathy 95  
..Self-Efficacy 67  
..Orderliness 80  
..Dutifulness 88  
..Achievement-Striving 76  
..Self-Discipline 77  
..Cautiousness 92  
..Anxiety 12  
..Anger 4  
..Depression 63  
..Self-Consciousness 75  
..Immoderation 12  
..Vulnerability 38  
..Imagination 89  
..Artistic Interests 92  
..Emotionality 91  
..Adventurousness 69  
..Intellect 87  
..Liberalism 99  


I don't think I'm that conscientious...    
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