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Avernum 3 3rd Empire Army + Other Questions

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Recently I have been grinding on the Empire Army near Blackcrag Fortress and was wondering if it was possible to ever actually kill off the army or defeat it somehow.


Also - are there any things that open up as time passes? It's almost day 900. Was wondering if the Alien Beasts ever break out of Footracer or the Empire invades and tries to stabilize Valorim or something.


Furthermore, I went on a rampage and wiped out every guard and townsperson in all the surface cities. Will they ever respawn? Also, are there any ways to find quests for the Pachters Plate/Black Halberd/ etc... without being able to find and talk to that lone wizard?


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone who replies :-)

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You might be able to kill off the Empire Army, but there isn't anything beyond.


The game doesn't allow for things to progress either way.


Pachter's Plate is found in the Yale library and Black Halberd map is sold by a soldier. The Lone Wizard is only for the Ring.


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