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Creation Str boosting items in GF3

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Very disappointed to see that + creation strength items don't work. Creations get neither chance to hit or damage bonus. A fyroa does less than 10 damage with a native str of 2, and 5 from items.


I have reported this bug to Jeff years ago, and he promised to fix it in the next release. Now I am playing the Gog version and it is still there.


Haven't tested if this bus also exists in there Geneforge games.

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Pefectly sure. Equipting empathy blade (the sword from the boss of the first island, which give 1 creation str and 1 creation dex) reduce their chance to hit each other by 5%.

Boosting creation strength by essence by 2 of that fyroa almost doubled its damage.


This bug is very disappointing for shapers. Because creation strength is by far the most important stat of creations. The best equipments for shapers are best largely because of its bonus in creation strength.

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Right, creation strength affects both damage and chance to hit. Usually the 4th tier and 5th tier creations have no difficulty in hitting, but the first three tiers need extra strength to hit tougher foes.

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