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Screenshot Request (Spoilers!!)

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There you go:










In the after picture, though you can't see it, one of the blocks is moved up to the space it needs to be moved to.


If you need anything else, just ask.

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It looks worse. Well, worse isn't quite the right word (most of the time; Nethergate Village looked far better with wood walls). It just looks too Avernum-ish. I mean, the new intro graphics and chapter panes are nice, but it's sort of like how Geneforge was imposed on A4.


And speaking of such, why is the opening music for A4 imposed over the Character Editor, main menu, and character creation screens?

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Originally written by Nikki xx:
Thanks very much. I didn't need the second one (I've played this game to death so much I can solve them in my sleep.

Oh, and ick. I seriously prefer the original game...
Sorry, mate. Only version I've played is Resurrection...otherwise I'd have given you the original Nethergate pictures too.
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