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opps help in anwan

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I am always careful not to kill friendly folks however I am trapped in Anawan and cannot find any friendly spectral warrior to talk to and I cannot leave (I did leave using Character Editor) I dont want to have to restart a new game how can I get this Bel characheter to appear and how can I get back to the villages area.


went out and did some more trivial quests. Also Sameule left when I did not kill him but now I have done his quest have his stones but cannot find him Where in the heck is he?

He is not in his former abode. Vale of Souls....oh well.

live and learn love this game since I broke my foot and have to stay off it it is my fun thing.

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The portals in Annwn are different for the Roman and Celt versions. Celts can get into Bel's area from the portal in the southeast part of the lowest Valleys of Annwn.


There are 3 portals for each area of Annwn so it really helps to know where you are each time, unless you want to fight everything in the place.


Sammael should be at the entrance to the Vale of Sould unless you went into the areas to the southeast that he tells you not to go and explore. As Celts you can turn the stones in to the Rose Lady in the Hollow Hills for a better reward.

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i am in the entrance area now in the mazw i have killed everything

I only have one portal and it keeps taking me to the same spot.

I cannot leave because I dont have Bel s permission. I already gave the stones to the rose lady but Sameuels quest still shows on my to do list...

I have entered this maze thusly went first thru maze killed two drakes that asked me to kill them then killed everything in the battle arena went into a room and some things were fighting talked to a person there went from there into the mazw I am in

did not want to be there but wanted to go back to village area

am unable to do this it is above me and I cannot get into that area again.

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To get to the Village (Spirit Home) portal for Celts, in the lower Valley of Annwn, go to the northeast until a statue asks a riddle. This will let you go to the middle level. Cross the frozen ice to the west and the portal is in the southwest part of the middle level.


To get Bel's permission, you need to go back to the Halls of the Dead and go inside past where the Rhys stopped you. Bel is seated on a throne and will give permission. I don't remember if he wants you to do the Wild Hunt also.


There is only one set of stones to give to Sammael or the Rose Lady so you never get rid of one quest.

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