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Avernum 3 Where is the first "sell" shop?

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I just started out in Avernum 3 with a new party in Fort Emergence, and I can't find any shops nearby where to sell my old equipment.


I have done some missions in the underworld and I have to leave stuff behind in caves and litter the floors of Fort Emergence because I can't carry it all.


Where is the closest shop where I can sell my stuff?

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I'm certain there's at least one person in Upper Avernum, but I can't remember who. Levy in Fort Emergence itself will buy things from you, but if you're not averse to taking advantage of glitches he's got a better use: he'll sell back to you infinite copies of whatever you sell to him until you completely fill his inventory, so it may be worth holding off and selling anything to him until you have things you want to buy back in bulk.


—Alorael, who if all else fails suggests Krizsan. It's not too far away, and it's a big enough city that surely the blacksmith or someone will buy your junk.

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Okay, I just found Levy and the dialog option that opens his shop. I also found out that he identifies items which is useful.


Selling to Levy will be sufficient to remove my extra items and to pay for my team's training until I'm strong enough to head for the surface and find some specialty stores.

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