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Avernum 4 and 5 (Steam version) crash on startup

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There is something that would be a big help. Steam just came out with a new beta client, and I think it fixes the problem. At least, it works for me on 2 machines.


If someone wanted, they could launch Steam, go onto Settings, and in the Account tab, choose to download the beta client (under "Beta participation"). After it is installed, relaunch Steam and try Avernum 4 or 5.


If you try this and it works, please post the results in this thread. I think the nightmare might be almost over.


- Jeff Vogel

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I just noticed the beta and was installing it just as I was checking this thread. The games now work just fine after the update.


Thanks for getting everything sorted out!

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Speaking of the beta. It looks like the update just rolled out for everyone else. For some odd reason it takes over 5 minutes for the game to start up, but once Steam gets moving it does work again. Onwards to Silvar!

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Tip for those who played the demo of Avernum 4 on win7-64bit - the demo savefiles for me were located at the following path (substitute your own username where appropriate):


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Avernum 4\Data


I think this is the location win7-64bit writes to when an application attempts to write to a folder it doesn't have permission to write to (i.e. it is a hack windows implements to maintain backwards compatability).


It took me a while to find them so I hope that this will save someone else the effort.

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