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How to replace an npc with another after a cutscene?


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I'm helping Dia with her first real scenario, but we've run into a slight problem. At one point in the scenario, you are moved to another town for a cutscene, then returned. At this point, we want to replace one version of a guard npc with another (standing in a different spot and with a different personality).


So far we've tried:

Delete monster + one-shot place town encounter

Setting each creature's life/death flags

Major event has occurred


In each instance, the second version either fails to appear or is there all along.

EDIT: We did finally get it to appear properly, using the first method, but then he disappears as soon as you leave the town and I can't figure out how to get him back. Even giving the one-shot no sdf it still won't call again after the first time.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this right? We'd really appreciate it. :-)



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Try this:

  • Set aside an SDF for both NPC's appearances/disappearances. Make sure it's just a general SDF, and not linked to anything via the editor.
  • When you create the town, have both NPCs showing.
  • Check the flag when you enter the town (the "INIT_STATE" state). If the SDF is a certain value(s), show NPC #1 and delete NPC #2; otherwise, delete NPC #1 and show NPC #2.


EDIT: I just noticed this is the BoE forum, not BoA. However, my workaround should work for either game.

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