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Wait, where's the new town?

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I just remembered (forgive me if the following information is wrong, I haven't been in Spiderweb Forums or Site until I knew that Avernum: EftP was out for iPad) was there not a discussion about a new town? I swear I saw something that said Jeff was putting in a new town. However, because of my lack of memories of the original Exile series, I don't remember the towns a single bit.

Did Jeff post a new town in the game? Or did he scrap that idea?

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The new dungeon in Avernum was Lost Bahssikava (though you really should play the BoA scenario by Kel that covers this dungeon. Much better).


The new dungeons in the newest remake, Avernum: Escape from the Pit are Kyass's Freehold(SP?), and, in a much smaller sense of things, an area below Formello where


Click to reveal..
an agent of the Empire is hiding out.


(Not sure why I'm spoilerizing that, but it came as a pretty big shock to me, so I figured it may to other people.)

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