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Disappearing Save Files on Exile Escape From the Pit

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I just bought the Avernum Escape from the Pit game, all of my save files disappeared and I had to reregister. I am not sure why.

I had played for a while then suddenly all the save files disappeared and I had to reenter my registration key.

Can someone help me find my original save files.

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More information, please:


What platform are you on? What computer/device are you using?


When did the files disappear? Some time after you registered? Right when you registered (you lost the demo save files)?


Does your computer/device have multiple user accounts?

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I am using an older PC Running XP with 512K of Ram probably not enough. Anyways, I downloaded the game, started playing it then bought it. It was Avernum Escape from the Pit, the new one oops.

I got the game registered and continued playing it. I finished quite a few of the quests. I had spent over ten hours playing over almost a week.

Then I came back in the morning and found the game was no longer registered. I entered the registration key and found there were no saved files.

I think I was more than half way finished with the game.

I had four save files which I was using plus the autosave. Now it is completely blank.

There are two user accounts, on both of them, the results are exactly the same. All the save files have disappeared. What might the save files look like if I searched for them.



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There is one directory that has your save files as well as your registration info. Since both your saves and your registration disappeared at the same time, something must have happened to Avernum's access to that directory.


I believe it is in My Documents/Spiderweb Software/Avernum Saved Games.


It isn't user account related since neither account works. That means the directory was probably either deleted or moved. Do you have any sort of automatic cleanup of your My Documents folder?


On the plus side, if you played for 10 hours you probably weren't even close to halfway through -- so there is still a ton of new content waiting for you.

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