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Possible bug in A2

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I think I've encountered an annoying bug in A2. I gave one my my characters the "fast on feet" ability, which is supposed to give her extra action points occasionally, but the problem is that it actually seems to take them away! Sometimes she gets 4 ap, but often she only gets 3, which should only happen if she has the "sluggish" ability. She isn't cursed or anything, so I really have no idea why this would be happening. Does anyone know what could be going on here, or if there's any way to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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Dammit, I already typed this out! Anyway!


It could be that your character is encumbered; if she's wearing too much armour then she'll lose an action point, reducing her to three. Of course, the trait you picked (Fast on Feet) gives her an extra point sometimes, which might be why you're seeing 3 most often, and 4 other times.


You should be able to see on her character sheet if she's encumbered (it'll say in the bottom left), and also in the text area during combat, but the surest way to test is to take off her armour and see if she gets 4 ap most of the time, and 5 on occasion. If that's the case, you'll need to put her in lighter armour, or bump Hardiness (or Defence, whichever lowers encumbrance (and it should say on the skill description)).

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