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can't edit item abilities without changing properties first - bug?


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For some items, the editor won't let me set their special abilities unless I change certain properties first.


Here are a few examples:


1. Certain non-equipable items, such as uranium bars and lodestones, affect the party just by being in the inventory. However, I cannot change their effects without temporarily marking the items as equipable.


2. Lightning rods do electrical damage and have an ability strength (AS) of 20. But the editor won't let me change the type of damage (or anything else for that matter) unless the AS is in the range of [0, 10]. I have to change the AS in order to modify the abilities, yet the game won't complain when I change it back to 20.


It seems a little awkward that the user has to temporarily change something in order to edit something else. Could it be a bug?


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