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Avernum 2: How to pull out the Alien Sword?

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You have a trade off between more in a single stat or getting complementary abilities. Melee is helpful, assassination needs a lot to get the bonus damage versus the higher level monsters, and dexterity is more for avoiding damage and range attacks.


You might try over in Blades of Avernum forum since that game engine is based off the Avernum 3 one and has some similarities with Avernum 2. There are some topics that explain damage calculations and what the abilities do.

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My recollection is that the total party strength needed was around 30. The simple solution would be to use the editor to increase your strength and find out how much you need on your own.


I hope that by now you've already done that or gotten enough strength naturally. In case you haven't met the strength requirement, try giving some to your other characters, because I am fairly certain it's a party total, not for just one character.

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