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I believe these are accurate lists of the different creatures that can be summoned by each mage spell. The actual range you will get can vary -- I think it is adjusted a little bit depending on the level of the spell (1, 2 or 3) or maybe some other factor. So some of the creatures delimited by carriage returns, on either the first (weak) end or the last (strong) end, you may not see.


Call Beast

Huge Rat

Cave Wolf, Goblin, Cave Worm

Cave Crawler, Cave Slime, Skeleton, Giant Spider, Bat, Giant Rat

Venomous Worm, Unstable Mass

Giant Lizard, Zombie, Nephil

Dire Wolf


Minor Summon

Ghoul, Imp, Lava Worm, Spiny Crawler

Giant Cavebat, Fierce Rat

Vapor Rat, Hellhound, Searing Slime, Nephar


Young Ogre, Scaly Imp, Gnawing Worm, Ooze Crawler


Summon Aid

Fire Lizard

Lava Bat, Cave Widow, Wight

Ghast, Ogre, Frozen Worm

Searing Crawler, Burrowing Crawler, Rabid Hellhound, Draining Slime, Brain Rat

Experimental Rat, Revenant


Arcane Summon

Mutant Lizard

Ice Lizard, Guardian Hellhound, Enormous Cavebat, Gnawing Stoneworm, Skeletal Warrior

Writhing Mass, Cave Giant

Corrupted Lizard, Pustulant Rat

Pustulant Zombie, Crocolisk

Altered Giant

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