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Those are outside the demo area. It's not like there isn't plenty to do in the places you can get to for you to make a clear decision about whether or not you'd enjoy the whole game. That is, after all, the purpose of a demo.

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The demo finishes with you around level 8 or 9 if you do everything possible (including clearing the slith camp and neph prisoner fortress. For a demo, it is much more than you typically get for a demo in a game, which is pretty characteristic of Spiderweb Games.


Once you buy the game the northern/southern entrances unblock and you are allowed to buy boats. You get to continue where you left off on your demo save as well.

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Avernum gave you a larger area, although I can't remember exactly how large. Exile gave you half the game. Literally half, quite precisely, with the shareware barrier drawn right down the middle of the map, just west of Almaria.


—Alorael, who thinks there's a balancing act. Remember that most people don't finish games. Put too many hours in the demo, and people will not buy the game not because they don't enjoy it, but because they're done enjoying it before they have to pay for it.

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When I was refering to why the north-eastern and south-eastern areas were blocked I was talking in reference to how it was in Exile and Avernum.


I've already bought the game (money came sooner than I was expecting) and a hint book to go with it.


I've noticed some major renovations to the storyline so to speak. Most notably Thantria and Freehold. Other changes are as follows:

1. Areas under the cities and some forts.

2. Formello Mayor's necklace is no longer unique.

3. Various other minor quests.

4. Micah said that he was King for 30 years but a book in Patrick's Tower says that he's been King for 40!


I'm sure that there's more, but I've only just entered the Great Cave last night and haven't yet played today.


This doesn't strike me as a remake per say. It has been retooled to the point of becoming a separate game completly. Obviously that's not the case because the NPC's and plot remains there.


One thing's for sure is that Encyclopedia Ermariana is gonna be flooded with rewrites and additions!


Post #659 cool

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