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So I originally came to this series with geneforge 5, as such never really played 1-4 so I've decided to get them and try them out since I enjoyed the 5th one. After loading up geneforge 1 however I'm noticing an issue with my mouse. Things are really choppy and lagging. I'm assuming it is due to the fact that I'm running this on Windows 7 64-bit. Just wondering if there is a way to fix it. I've tried opening it in compatibility mode but no luck.

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I have the exact same problem as you, and the only solutions I can tell are this:


1.) Play in XP compatibility mode. It might help.

2.) Be a singleton. It slows done more for every animated character on screen.

3.) The later the game, the better it is. G1 is worst, with it being a bit better in G2, and somewhat more so in G3. As observed, not an issue at all in G4.


Really though, they are old and coded to run entirely off a 32 bit processor. Its going to take until the remakes for the issue to be fixed.

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I suspect this fix for Avernum 4 mouse hitching problems (from forum user "sea") might also work for Geneforge 1-3:


You'll need to download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.




Launch the 32-bit version, create a new custom database, then a new application fix. Navigate to the affected game executable, select it, and then, on the second page of fixes, look for "ForceDirectDrawEmulation."


To make sure the fix stays, right-click the database and select "Install" which will apply the fixes when you launch the game outside the Compatibility Administrator.


Original post:





I had the same problem with lag in menu/inventory screens in Avernum 4 and this fixed it for me. It's worth a try with Geneforge 1-3 as I think they use the same/similar engines.

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