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Not SW, but really, really bloody annoying


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A while ago, I got a new hard drive. 80 gb, w00ts aplenty. I installed Windows on it and used it as my primary from then on. Problem is that it didn't have any of my software configurations on it, so I ended up copying my old Windows directory into the new one. BIG MISTAKE. There was an ActiveX haywire of some sort, and installing XP over it didn't help much.


So I installed a new XP on my old, now empty primary, and things, for the most part, are working pretty well. Problem is that, with quite a few games, my computer works fine for a while, and then after about 30-60 minutes (there's an exact number, I think, but I haven't bothered finding it out), it hangs without any kind of preamble or warning. I don't mean that the game hangs, I mean that my entire damn computer hangs and it has to be force-restarted. I've tried reinstalling DirectX, which hasn't changed matters.

So far, the games which cause this are, but are not limited to:


Fallout 2

Might and Magic 6

Warcraft 3


Since these games really only have the fact that they're all full-screen in common, I'm kinda stumped as to why they all crash. (It's not all full-screen games, either: Call to Power works just fine for hours on end, and Europa Universalis II hasn't had any problems I've noticed.) Any suggestions?


EDIT/NOTE: Say 'Get a mac' and I'll punt you in the penis.

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Get a Unix then, for all I care. tongue


The problem might be with the RAM, how much do you have on it? If it's too low, then there might be some problems when your computer tries to save your RAM into Virtual Memory. That may explain the hang of your entire computer. Also, see if you can access your task manager when your system starts hanging and see if one of your programs caused an access violation in the system (usually in kernell.dll).


Other than that, I wouldn't really know what caused the problem.

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I'm no Windows expert, but I like to think I'm good with ugly workarounds to problems. What happens if you play for 30 minutes, quit and then reopen the game, play for another 30 minutes, quit, etc? Sure, doing that's still a pain, but if it works it'll be less of one than rebooting almost as often would be. And if it doesn't work, well, at least the fact that it doesn't work might give some hint as to what the problem might be.

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