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Straw Poll: Alcritas' Scenarios


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How would you rank the scenarios of Alcritas, arguably the greatest designer for BoE? I'd like take some designers (mostly the top tier) and see which scenarios are liked the best.




1. Redemption 10/10

2. An Apology 10/10

3. Of Good and Evil 9/10

4. Falling Stars 9/10

5. Tomorrow 8/10

6. Lamentations 7/10

7. On a Ship to Algiers 7/10

8. Heirs to Theseus 3/10


Haven't finished: Kalloskagathos, Staff of Kayolith.


I didn't rank Signs and Portents as it is a movie scenario.

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1. Redemption

2. Falling Stars

3. Of Good and Evil

4. An Apology

5. Tomorrow

6. On A Ship to Algiers

7. Lamentations

8. Staff of Kayolith


I would rank Falling Stars higher than Redemption in terms of replay value, but lower in terms of atmosphere.


(Never played Kalloskagathos, Heirs to Theseus.)

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"Heirs to Thesus" is a short "Spin-Off" from "Of Good and Evil". It is a very short set of three battles with the Slith at the Slith Checkpoint. The Player is limited to what they begin with so they must play conservatively to accomplish the Scenario. It is not necessary to play this but it is an added "fun" scenario.


Kalloskagathos was written as sixteen resolutions to the basic Story-Line.

However, I found a couple of "bugs" that can confuse a sequence of play, and/or prohibit accomplishing two versions.


1.) In “The Manor, LG, in a conversation with personality # 8, Lord Vaughan”, when you ask his “Name”, he will respond, “I am Lord Vaughan”. When you ask his “Job”, he will respond, “I am a Lord in her Majesty’s service”. The Player should ask, “Lord”, or “Majesty’s”; Node 26, Personality # 8.

Later in the Game-Play, if/when you find his Journal and confront him with it, you should ask, “Journal” and receive a response relative to the Story-Line; Node 33, Personality # 8.

The Author included the word “Vaughn” with the word “Journal” in Conversation Response Node 33, albeit unintentionally, and this causes both words to yield the same response. Since it is possible, (and I did), to ask his name, “Vaughn”, in the original conversation when the Player would not yet have known about the Journal, that information would be given too early and Spoil, or at least, Confuse, the Story-Line, especially in the fifteen versions that it is irrelevant.


2.) After playing through all sixteen Versions I found that, although playing through was unique to each, two Versions, (K and P), came to the same conclusion, (ending). I searched through the Nodes in each Version and found that an error had been made when calling the Final Town for the conclusion in Version K.

* The Original Version took the Party from the Wine Cellar, (Town 69), to Secret Cellar, (Town 73), which took them back to Wine Cellar, (Town 72).

* Towns 72 and 73 are written for Version ‘P’, not ‘K’.


I've probably said too much here, but wanted you to understand that a couple of items in this Scenario will confuse the Player and why.

For my own sake I made the necessary modifications and the entire Scenario plays out as it was intended.


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