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Weird glitch with NPC stats (Celt)

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I was playing as the Celts, and after I'd seen the crones, and visited the fairy-lady in the ruined keep, I ran to Vanarium to grab some help. The NPCs didn't want anything to do with me on account of the curse the crones had placed me under, so I went to the Bazaar and saw what's-her-name, and she said she needed a fresh dragon scale. So, I went to see the dragon. I beat the stuffing out of the little lizards, got to see the mighty scalehead, and he informed me that he'd shed one of his scales in a small room at the west? end of his castle. I found it, took it to the old lady, she de-cursed me, I went to Vanarium to pick up an NPC. Now, I saved before I grabbed one, so I could get a look at one's scores and abilities, then grab the other and look at his.

Oddly, both of them had:

4 Strength

6 Dexterity

6 Intelligence

6 Endurance

4 Melee Weapons

4 Spears

4 Slings

4 Javalins

And zeroes for every other skill.


Has anyone else had this problem?

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That part of the skills seems right. But the Roman should have tool use 4 and the Druid should have 4 in the druidism and the first 4 spell circles.


Check and see if the druid can cast spells. It shouldn't have gotten past testing so if this still a problem, then you have a corrupt file. In which case redownload and go back to the start before returning to Vanarium to hire.

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Actually, I too remember encountering the same problem during beta testing. The Roman and the Celtic warrior had the exact same stats. I whined to Jeff about the Roman not having any Roman Training, but didn't realize that he should've had Tool Use as well.


Unfortunately I have no save game with which to verify this, so it is possible my memory is playing tricks on me.


(Windows user)

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