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Just discovered new aspect of hit calculation (G1)

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Was doing yet another run through and had made a beeline to the tombs. Thus my Guardian was low enough level to have a hard time hitting the thade shades present, leading to my discovery.


I started the section with a bronze sword (3 damage die) and a chainmail suit (-5% accuracy). In the tombs is a corpse with both an iron sword (5 die) and an iron chestguard (-10%). Before putting on the iron chestguard, I had a 46% hit rate against the shades. I naturally expected to go down to 41%, given the heavier armor. But instead my hit went to 51%. What gives?


In a flash, I decide to do a test. I throw down my iron sword to see how accurate my fists are. My experiment is a success, with fists having a measly 16% hit rate, 35% less. Given that there is a difference of 2 damage die between the iron and bronze sword along with a 10% accuracy difference, it suggests that swords give a 10% flat accuracy bonus plus another 5% for each damage die added.


I always wondered how character hit rates are able to keep up with increasingly dodgy enemies. Now we know.


I wonder if armor has a similar hidden bonus to dodge rates.

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