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why A3 is the best spiderweb game

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For me, A3 is one of my favorite games of all time. I liked it so much because of how open it was, the surface seemed endless. There were dozens side caves to poke around, more side quests then I could count, and I was free to progress though the campaign in the order I liked. I could kill the slimes, or the roaches. The alien bests, or the golems, it did not matter. I don’t like the more recent avernum games because they lack this open ended feeling, they are much more linear. In addition, a fun thing about A3 was the character editor, witch would allow me to respawn all caves, and so I could always try a new tactic or strategy. Sadly, this feature is not present in some of the more recent spider web games. Here to you spider web, for one of the best games of all time, I am sorry that your games have changed, but they have evolved, not degraded, with time.

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That may be true, but it wasn't as unique as the other Avernum games.

In my opinion it was about being almost at the center of the earth in an alien land, spelunking, finding creatures, meeting the Vahnatai... etc.


I also wish Jeff would skip A2 and remake Avernum 3 for PC, but thats just me XD

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I loved A3. Its the only Avernum game that I played completely, besides BoA.


And I did play most of A4 too, but A4 had clubbed in all the Geneforge graphics, but minus the walking animation. It just didn't feel right. So I'm waiting for the first remake right now, and I can't wait to download it and start playing.

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