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"Faster Boom Space Effects"

Prince of Kitties

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It's in the change log. D'oh! And apparently it does make boom effects faster...


Though I'll clearly have to take the word of whoever added the option.


 LTEXT "*Faster Boom Space Effects",57,72,440,340,16 LTEXT "2_0", 58, 53, 462,17,18


I mean, how is anyone supposed to decypher that? There are no macros or constants there, just a string of numbers! I had no idea the sources were that bad.


(I was thinking of seeing if I could contribute any bugfixes, but this puts a definite damper on that. This codebase is far beyond my capabilities.)

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That's from the RC file, which describes the windows and dialogs. Some of those numbers are coordinates for placement, others are prolly some sort of flag to determine if it has been checked. Try searching for combinations of the numbers given, anywhere (probably in boe.party.cpp, I would guess) where they show up near each other is code that could be useful.

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