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Item storage for A Small Rebellion scenario


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I don't think there is a safe place to store items. Especially after you reach a certain point in the scenario and have to make a major decision that limits where you can go safely.


Except for Valley of the Dying Things, I think you are stuck carrying everything in your party and have to make decisions on what to keep and sell the rest. I remember hitting the encumbrance limit or running out of inventory slots all the time.

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With the exceptions of upgrading Weapons and Armor, or certain Potions or Scrolls, the "Treasures" that you acquire should be sold to provide gold to upgrade your Party; training, etc. Saving them, "just in case" will only unnecessarily burdon your Party.

Although they only garner half their rated value, literally all scenarios provide more than enough found items for the Party to sell for this purpose.

Personally, I find that raising one of your Mage's Spell Points to 50 a.s.a.p. to "Identify" is important, just as learning where to sell these items and where to purchase Weapons, Armor, Training, etc.


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