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Ermariana is offline so...

Dark Sniper

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Hi, you might have seen my colored Dervish PC graphic in the Ermarian Network (managed by Aran). As the Ermarian Network is offline, where do I post my remaining graphics? (Like Spiegelbrecher PC from Canopy 1.0.1, Darth Vader PC and Void Scout PC). Can anyone please tell me in which site do I post


(Except Louvre because I don't have Outlook).


I'm sure I'll release more graphics soon.








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The answer to this and more can be found in the FAQ, through the link on the right side of the bar near the top of every page of these forums.


To answer your question here, though, the titles are based on number of posts:

0	New Arrival10	Cave Denizen50	Traveler100	Spelunker150	Expeditioner200	Mercenary250	Adventurer1000	Ward of Avernum2000	Captain of Avernum4000	Commander of Avernum6000	Hero10000	Legend15000	Postmaster General25000	Your Postliness40000	Postaroni, Pizzabella!


You can also get a special title assigned if one of the mods or admins is feeling witty.


—Alorael, who strongly advises against posting in large quantities just to get a different title. That tends to get you titles you don't want because mods start feeling witty and annoyed.

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