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Spiders' Amber

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Don't enter the structure in which the ladies live. Go around its side and search along the swampy southern wall of the town map itself. My memory is that the amber is against the western wall of a passage running along that southern edge; you enter the passage from the east, so its opening is somewhat hidden if you're approaching from the west. Confusing enough? You'll know you're getting close when a dialog box informs you of the enormous numbers of bugs (I think).

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Hmm. It seems like you may be confusing the hut of the Three Crones with Hagfen. Hagfen is located far south of the Three Crones' hut, just a little bit east of Hollow Hills, in case you've been there. Hagfen's fortress is surrounded by a large, swampy area, which can be navigated through to obtain the amber. If you visit Selkiehome first, you'll be told to obtain some pelts in Hagfen belonging to slain selkies, which you can do while you're there, as well.

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