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Roman Singleton Question

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I started out with 3 levels of War and Healing and gradually built it up to 8. If you don't mind killing an innocent, you should wait til you are done with the Faerie Bazaar quests and kill Raven. He drops an All Circle Scroll that boosts, War, Healing, Beast and Craft by 1 point each. Before that, you should go to Hagfen to buy 1 level each of Beast and Craft. Then use the Rod of Safe Descent from Galag-Trav to go down the huge cliff in the Circle Warrens to get the Beastmaster Bracelet, which gives you three levels of Beast Circle. Finally, if you kill Sleek, the hags will reward you with either a Beast increase or a Craft increase. I would go with Craft, since you'll already have 4 levels of Beast.


As for whether or not spells help, Lance of Fire, Battle Rage, and Mild Healing are incredibly helpful at the beginning, and you can start with all of them.

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You can get by with only two levels of Battle circle and one level of health at the start. Protection spell can reduce damage from goblins to nothing. After the Abandoned Mines you can raise battle circle spell to 4 so when you finally reach Vanarium you can buy quicksilver boots (haste).


I went the beast circle scroll route when I did Hagfen's Selkie skin quest since I wanted call beast spell and wanted to try Similacrum.


I remember Raven's all circle scroll giving 3 levels each, but that was during beta testing and I haven't reached the point where I want to do it yet.


See here for more information about what I've tried.

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No, no. I think there is another abbyss somewhere in that dungeon. I tried jumping it, but my Celts all died. I haven't yet gotten there with my Roman due to freaky computer problems. I can't look it up right now, but I will tell you when I can. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


P.S. Thanks for the help! I started a new Roman that was much better. He's doing fine.


Some more info: I seem to recall a fomorian on a ledge in the same place. If you try to, you get the option to jump in to an abyss in the same cave/room. I am pretty sure that there is nothing down there, since you can't see anything, but it is worth checking.

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