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Scenario Editor: Better Terrain Organization?


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I noticed how default terrain #'s 5-21 are all cave walls. And when you put it into a town or outdoors, they automatically adapt to how they are supposed to look (excluding the four walk-through ones, of course). I also noticed that the two walkways (82 & 83) don't have separate terrains for their adaptation, even though they appear within-game.


Here's my idea. Instead of having all those separate cave wall graphics, you could just condense them all into just one. There could be a button in the 'Edit Terrain Type' box that allows you to change what the adaptations are, like this:


Click to reveal..










A= Center

B= North Wall

C= West Wall

D= East Wall

E= South Wall

F= Northwest Edge

G= Northeast Edge

H= Southwest Edge

I= Southeast Edge

J= Southeast Corner

K= Southwest Corner

L= Northeast Corner

M= Northwest Corner

By doing this, 60 or so spaces of the current 255 will be freed for other uses. Also, for other terrains like walls or bridges, there could be a box for you to input what other terrain it adapts to (i.e. Basalt Wall adapts to Cave Wall).


Thank you legacy compatibility grin

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