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Insert Random Nethergate: Resurrection Questions Here

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Since the manual seems to conflict with the in game information, I did the following tests with darts of ice to see if druidism increases its damage or not.


Test 1: against spectral wolves (0 resistance)

intel 18, druidism 10, war circle 9


Damage: 70,65,60,66,69,66,68,74,64,65,69,70


average 67.1


Test 2: against spectral wolves

intel 18, druidism 40, war circle 9


Damage: 94,103,98,94,101,100,99,102,106,98,100,102


average 99.75


Test 3: against spectral wolves

intel 40, druidism 18, war circle 9


Damage: 96, 95, 92, 102, 101, 99, 95, 100, 101, 106, 92, 100


average 98.25


Test 4: against spectral wolves

intel 22, druidism 23, war circle 22


Damage: 100, 106, 94, 96, 93, 96,99 ,99, 91, 109, 103, 98


average: 98.6


I guess for darts of ice at least, all 3 seem to increase damage equally.

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So i've just finished the game as roman and i'm debating whether or not to kill raven for the all circle scroll on my celt playthrough.


I remember reading that he is mentioned in the ending, but after killing him with my roman party the following was in the ending "spiders pass, and a huge strange looking bird."


The bird comment sounds like raven to me, even though I killed him, so does killing him really affect the ending at all? I mean hes dead and hes still passing through the gate (at least for romans).

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Does killing raven even set any flags so the game knows it was done?


Found this in the Raven file in data.


beginstate DEAD_STATE;



message_dialog("This awesome creature, this God to a faraway people, has been destroyed. Once again, the power of humanity is supreme.","");


Im guessing 39 and 41 are his summons, but thats all that seems to be done from what I can see.

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Can someone tell me where is the exact location of secret library in Temple of Brigantia? This one copied from synergy list:

SECRET AREA — Maureen’s library — C S — east from N-S passage — LEARN SPELLS: Beastskin, Simulacrum (bookshelf) [[Rune Reading 18], Capture Mind Scroll — bookshelf

I searched trough 5 times but couldn't find it. Is it near the room full of pots, or near the blessing pool, or past the crypts?

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In the south east corner of town 11, behind a secret door, you will find a room with statues of deer. A corridor contains the secret door, at the north of the corridor is a great big pit, at the south is a teleporter.

To enter this room you must be scanned by two of the statues. It may be you will pass if your reputation is good enough. There is another secret door in the room containing Maureen.

When you enter this town, keep going south and then west. Maureen's room is nowhere near the places you mentioned.

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Hello Guillaume,


The guide you're looking at is a little misleading about this. The 'animal horn' it refers to is an item made out of the horn of an animal, not the actual name of the item. The item's name is 'Spiral Horn'. You can find it in the Grove of Bones in the zone called 'Western Shadowvale' (which is to the west of Spire Woods if you're having trouble finding it). The grove is a patch of brown ground covered with some skeletons and almost entirely surrounded by trees. It's on the eastern side of the river.


You can use the Spiral Horn at the stone circle in the 'Southeastern Shadowvale' zone. Note that it's a piece of horn, and not an instrument!


I think the quest you're referring to is the Wolf of the Fen quest. For that, you just need any horn you can find (an instrument, this time). There are quite a few around the vale. If you're having problems finding them, you can look at this list:



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3 hours ago, Simulated Knave said:

What, exactly, does Cursed at Birth DO in Resurrection?  To-hit penalty?  Resistance penalty? 


I can't find data for Resurrection specifically, but some players have conducted experiments on it in other games. In original recipe Nethergate, it decreased your to-hit chance by 10%, but also provided immunity to charm and sleep, which seems like a bug. In Avernum 1, it also decreased your to-hit chance by 10%, and it also seemed to increase your chance of being hit by some status effects by about 30%. So I'd guess that in Resurrection, it probably decreases your to-hit chance and status effect resistance.

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