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a "portal" voting system for BoE/BoA scenarios?


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As we know, there are various scenarios for BoE and BoA out there, some good and some not-so-good. However, it would be a hassle for an admin to update the list of "good" scenarios every time one is released. Therefore, I am proposing an automated voting system.


Basically, people would submit their scenarios through a dynamic "portal" maintained by Spiderweb. People could then write reviews for the scenarios and vote on them using the standard scale of 1 to 5. To prevent people from blindly judging new scenarios, no voting would be allowed until 24 hours after they are uploaded. The scenario will be under "judgment" until it has gathered 10 reviews/votes (during this time, the reviews would be hidden). Once a scenario passes the "judgment" phase, the overall score for each scenario would be shown on a separate submission page, updated in real time.


I'll have to admit that I stole the idea from Newgrounds, but I think such a feature would be very useful here.

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An idea very similar, if not identical, to this, was proposed during the creation of the current SW forum-hosted CSRs. See the thread in the BoA fora (as well as the CRF threads it started on (there may also be a saved chat log somewhere (but I'm too lazy to find it))) for details.




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