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Goagh-Nar help

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It sounds as though you're playing the Romans - I have quoted from Zeviz's webpage.


- OUTSIDE: The fomors in the village don't much care for you but won't attack you. The end hermit is found here, but he'll attack you. There's an herb patch on the eastern part of this map. Enter the pit.

INSIDE: All right, this begins chapter 3. The doors are open for you- hm. You're welcomed with open arms. Respond in kind. Search this place before going to speak with the queen. In the western room with the priest fomorian, you can find a nearby secret room with some herbs in a box. There are two boxes to the south, near the entrance which are locked with Sylak keys- open them for a blessed axe and spear. Near the arena is a passage leading to a dead warrior with a ring. Search the center box for a dexterity bracelet. Go to the northwest, search the area (a blessed sword can be found), and bring down the barriers. You get a wand of doom, some coins, and an energy elixir. You can grab a blessed leather helmet from the trophy room. Then go talk with Queen Rit. You'll want to go down another way, though- go to the big pit and climb down.

FLOOR 2: Go east, kill the undead, and take its stuff (bracelet). Jump down and search the area. You'll find some nice stuff. You can return the castle from the west southwest. Search this area thoroughly. If you approach the pot of goo, you'll get sprayed by acid and will have to fight a fomor zombie. Make your way to the NW and head down the stairs.

FLOOR 3: If you go too far south, you will be attacked. You may still want to do it to gain the experience. To the west is an area with some herbs, and a secret passage south leads to a bunch of fomor zombies. They want you to destroy the tablets. Return once you've done so for a fury helm and some coins. Make your way to the trial of the ordeal. You'll find that it isn't too well guarded. Go down the stairs, and destroy the tablets (summoning up a drake and two lizards). Then go back up and rob all of the chests. You get several named items: Glahz's shield, Radiant blade, a Huge Diamond, and the Skull of Stone. Unfortunately, you can't keep them- they disappear as soon as you leave. If you do choose to go down south, you can claim the Mighty gauntlets, and a blessed weapon or two. Once you're through, go back up the stairs (you can't get the fomorslayer this time, sadly).



If I've got it wrong and you're playing Celts (I'm blond, what do you expect?) here's theirs...........


Wait till you have all 6 keys to come here, that's my suggestion. When you're ready, enter, and head west.

UNDER GOAGH-NAR: Talk to Roava. These are the friendly Fomorians. He tells you to go speak with Gagg. There's a passage to the north that holds a trapped chest, in it are some small goodies. Further north is another trapped chest, in it are some mauling gauntlets, regular chain mail, and a golden goblet. Go to the west and take some herbs from their garden. Check a bit to the south for a secret passage leading to Fomor zombies that challenge you. Kill them, and take their stuff (You get a fury helm!). Talk to Gagg, and you'll get started on the trial. Just don't try to take anything. You need some faerie lore in order to survive one of the tests. If you've been plunking points into it every now and then you should be fine. Go back, talk to Gagg then Roava.

UNDER GOAGH-NAR 2: It's probably best to take Bendbones out. Go unlock the door, and kill him. Then pillage his chest. Don't go up the stairs yet, instead go to the east and search for a secret passage N. Kill the sprites, then go to the room. Search for secret passages, light the fire, kill the sprites, and repeat twice. Then go up the stairs, and claim Fomorslayer. It does extra damage against Fomorians. Go up the stairs to get to:

GOAGH-NAR: You end up in a storage room. There's a scroll in the room to the South. Go south to the arena, and check one of the cells for some needed info. Go west, and open the two boxes, you should be able to do so if you have all of the keys. They have a blessed spear and blessed axe. There is also a box that has a dexterity bracelet near the center. You'll want to make your way around to the queen's room, either by stealth or by might. There are a lot of goodies nearby here: a wand of doom, and an energy elixir.

UNDER GOAGH-NAR 2: There are a lot of Fomorians here. Take a look around, you'll find some herbs, and a temple. Go check the skulls in the temple for beast ceremony (as if you don't have it already). Go up and out.

UNDER GOAGH-NAR: Looks like the Romans stole the skull. Shoot. Talk to Juniper, and leave.

GOAGH-NAR: Leave. The sprites give you the skull.

OUTSIDE: There's an energetic patch of herbs to the East. You can beat up the Fomorians on top of the hill, if you desire. There's a lot. Kill them, then search the totems for a blessed metal helmet. There's also the last hermit here. Talk with him for 100 coins.

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13 hours ago, qwerttz said:

his might be the single most useless answer I've ever seen in a forum... it solves nothing and only copies text from other sites. Just say you have no idea how to solve the problem...


Seriously?  You make your first post here complaining about a post from almost SEVENTEEN YEARS ago? (one that seemed to answer the question asked...).  Talk about useless posting...


Welcome I suppose.

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On that note, this topic is locked.  @qwerttz, welcome to the forums!  I know it is not screamingly obvious when a thread is super ancient, but the date is always listed -- please try not to comment on really old posts unless you have relevant information to add.  Thanks!  Ok, mod hat off.

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