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Character XP not correct? compared to others

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Hi, been playing Avernum 1 for a little while and just wondering why one of my first characters gain experience so much slower than the rest.


He's at the moment at:

1743xp, lvl 11, -30% (elite warrior)

While the others are at:

2208xp, lvl 13, -25% (great renown, nimble)

2105xp, lvl 13, -30% (beastmaster, good education)

2209xp, lvl 13, -25% (natural mage)


I'm a little confused here, since it is only that one who is not following the pattern. Any ideas?



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Part of it is that experience in some of the earlier games gave a greater amount to the character doing the death blow.


The is also a random factor in dividing up experience in all the games. I've seen this with reloading a saved game and getting quest experience because I made a stupid mistake just afterwards and sold an item I wanted to keep.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. The games still won't make sense, but you will no longer care.

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Hehe, right tongue. But he's "tank", yes, but still felt like a considerable setback in XP compared to the others.


Played Exile (mostly II) years ago, and didn't really have the problem that one particular character got low xp, some may have had less and some more but it was not as obvious as this time.


Thanks for the replies though. Not really an issue, but I kind of feel sorry for the guy... (being a slight perfectionist doesn't really help either ;P)

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