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Geneforge on Win7 Tablet - Mouse Issue


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I had an interesting idea. I wanted to try playing Avernum and Geneforge on my touch tablet. Avernum does fine minus the small selection blanks every now and then.


Geneforge on the other hand, no so much. I've even hooked a USB mouse to the device. The cursor jumps around the screen in a semi-chaotic fashion. I also tried putting the game into a VM Virtual Box on both my table and desktop. The same issue persisted. I can't run the game on my desktop since it's running Win 7 x64 and once the game hits the title screen it forces me to the desktop and won't let me re-enter the game.



Iconia Tab W500

Windows 7 x32


The VM box was using Windows XP Pro x32


The game version is the Geneforge Demo 1.0.1


Any idea's?

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I'm having the same problem. I haven't found a solution but I did find the cause. it's because the game doesn't use the system mouse setting. if there's a way to force system mouse it would work fine.

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The same problem happens when playing the game over remote desktop. I wish there was a way to disable the game's mouse handling and fall back to the system mouse setting instead. Then I could use remote desktop to play Geneforge on my Android tablet!

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