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Typo under Temple of Brigantia

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Originally written by Synergy:
Well, if you consider other early Celtic lore, you have Merlin, a wizard, so wizards in ancient Britain is hardly an inappropriate concept, even if you don't have wizards, per se, by name anyway, in the game.

I thought about that possibility before I posted, BUUUTTT I am reasonably sure it's a misplaced string from Avernum

Obviously not a big deal either way though lol

(d-didn't the arthurian legends take place well after the roman occupation?)
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By Tyran:

So it's all the Mac testers' fault, eh? The Windows testers weren't supposed to notice it?
My reports shortened drastically once I realized that the only problems I brought up that Jeff acknowledged were widescreen rendering bugs. Apparently if the occasional punctuation slip-up and missing outdoor walls aren't caught by the Mac beta-testers, it's too late.



He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.

- Oscar Wilde

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