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roman craft circle

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The Romans can 4 Craft circle points from Hagfen, by either getting the Fomorian Skull, or the Selkie Pelts. You can also pick up a character in Vanarium who starts with 4 points. You can't train in the skill, however.


As for the Spirit Circle, the Roman's can never get any points in this.

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In original Nethergate it's 4 in beast or craft circle from the Hagfen quest scroll. Nethergate: Resurrection has 3 in beast or craft circle from Hagfen quest. Also the games switch on which side can do the Horned Skull quest for Hagfen.


There is a beast circle braclet in Nethergate: Resurrection in the Circle Warren for +3 beast circle.


Killing Raven gives an All Circle scroll with +3 in the circles you can train in, but marks you as a murderer for entering the Faerie Bazaar and Hollow Hills.

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You could play with scripts and give yourself more, but there's no easy way to do it with the editor.


—Alorael, who recommends stealing from the scripts that are supposed to give you more of those circles as quest rewards and, say, sticking them in ordinary dialogue in Shadow Valley Fort. If you're totally unfamiliar with C/C++ it might be hard.

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