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A Medieval Nethergate

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Hmm, this may have been hacked to death, but why not a medieval style nethergate, however instead of using the celtic stuff, using the blue fairy books, the red fairy books, and the old animal tales.


You might run into Reinard the Fox, Puss In Boots, Jack, Tom O' Thumb, and other characters. You could also have trolls under bridges, sheep and cow stealing giants and all the classic tropes.


You could use a lot of themes in this, the end of the old critters in England and Ireland, the introduction of the church, and a few other things.

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What plot could it have? All of the magical creatures fled through the Nether Gate.


Seriously, though, it's not a terrible idea, but what kind of satisfying ending could there be? I might play it just to laugh at an adventurous bunch of friars telling a bridge troll, 'The power of Christ compels you!' before they get eaten (or a divine thunderbolt strikes the troll dead--maybe we could trade Druidism for Piety and let that decide), but where would the story go that is different enough from Nethergate to be marketable?


Now, a Crusades-based version is something I'd want to see. Byzantine Greek fire? Dress it up a bit and use the Avernum quickfire graphic. Efrit? Actually, I think they already are in Avernum. Jinni? Maybe the story starts when some disillusioned page-boy is busy polishing yet another lamp, but just happens to wish for some adventure.


Besides, with nine Crusades, plus a number of other, similar campaigns, the sequels practically write themselves. Get in on the ground floor, folks.

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They are gone from our world, but there is nothing stopping us from going there if we find the keys to going to fairyland for some reason. There are after all multiple versions, the French and English fairyland is very different than the Celtic one. Maybe someone is invading fairyland and bringing stuff back to take care of an issue the Saxons had some pretty mean stuff when they conquered the angles. They don't come here, but we go there, that is what happens in the fairytales after the celts.


Not only that, but the church doesn't like you going there, neither do the fairies like you visiting.

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Well, now hold on a second. This is a worthy subject.


Despite all the creatures fleeing through the Nethergate, what's to stop the making of a NEW series, unrelated to the Nethergate game and storyline, with such a theme? Although I do think the medieval theme sounds a bit like a rehash of Nethergate, the crusade idea sounds top-notch.


But I must say that lately, me and some friends of mine have been watching quite a few horror films. I think an interesting twist on the whole thing would be a game that lets YOU play as the monsters, out terrorizing the land, or keeping armed adventurers from encroaching on your den, or perhaps there'd be warring factions or rivalry between monster types and the like. And perhaps you could select from various monster types as well as classes, the same way Avernum lets you select different races on top of classes. I can already see the "call spirit" spell being tooled up for Witches or Vampires, and perhaps "call beast" could be a Werewolf howling out for his mates? It could work...

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