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Geneforge 2 Save Game Problem on Macintosh OS X


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Geneforge 2 Save Game Problem on Macintosh OS X


A very small number of users have had a problem saving the game on OS X. When they try to save a game over a old saved game, several telescoping windows appear on the screen and the game freezes until they hit Return. The text area says "Game Saved", but it hasn't been.


We are working on resolving this problem. Anyone who encounters it is urged to contact us so we can troubleshoot the problem.


In the meantime, there is a workaround. If you open the folder Geneforge 2 Files, you will find folders called Save0, Save1, Save2, etc. If you open up one of those folders and throw away its contents, the saved game slot will be empty and you can save in it normally.


- Jeff Vogel

Spiderweb Software


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