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Weapons - Avernum: Escape from the Pit (SP0ILERS)

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all damages are adjusted to a starting character with no weapon skills and/or stats that help the weapon type:

melee @ 2 strength and no weapons skills

missile @ 2 dexterity and no weapon skills



res. resistance

HER hostile effects resistance





Punch [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Stick			6-24	


Dagger Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level]

Crude dagger		5-15Iron dagger		7-21Shielding knife		7-21	6% armorHeavy iron cleaver	9-27	+1 strengthVampiric knife		10-30	6% armor, -1strength, -1 dexterity, +3 endurance

Gleaming Blade [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Fine steel dagger	15-60	weakness curse (2 turns, 50% chance)

Sword Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Crude shortsword	10-40Bronze shortsword	11-44 Iron shortsword		12-48Steel shortsword 	14-56Singing rapier		13-52	+2 Quick Action, +1 BlademasterNephil warblade		17-68	+1 Str, +1 Dex. +10% fatigue recoveryRadiant shortblade	23-92	+15% energy res., +2% chance to hitDiscipline blade	10-40	+30% faster fatigue recovery, +2 melee weapons, +3 to pole weapons


Broadsword Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

+5% to hit chance, 10% chance to cleave (d3 instead of d4 for nearby target)

Crude broadsword	12-48Bronze broadsword	14-56		Iron broadsword		16-64Steel broadsword 	19-76Demonslayer		19-76	extra damage to demons, 6% armor, +15% fire, energy, and cold res.Spectral Falchion	16-64	+8 blademaster, +4% HERGhostly blade		17-68	+6% melee damage protection, +6% HER, slow for 2 turns (50%)

Vahnatai Blade Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Waveblade		21-84		 +8% to hit chance Venomous blade		24-106 (10+24d4) +8 to hit chance, +12% poison and acid res.

Frozen Blade [damage d3 (1-3) per level] cold damage

Frozen blade		22-58 (10+12d3)	+10% cold res., +3% to hit chance, weakness curse for 2 turns (30% chance)

Oozing Sword [damage d3 (1-3) per level]

Oozing sword		24-74	(10+20d4) +10% acid res., +3% to hit chance, 14-28 acid  for 2 turns (50% chance)

Flaming Sword [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Flaming Sword		20-80	(10+20d4) +10% fire res., +3% to hit chance, fire damage 25-65 (5+20d3)

Spear Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] - two-handed

crude spear		12-48bronze spear		14-56iron spear		17-61steel spear		20-80lava-fired spear	14-56	+5% fire res., +5% to critical hit chance, +3% to magical damageslith spear		14-56	+2% to hit chancefine slith spear	17-68	+2% to hit chanceslith warspear	        20-80 	+10% fire res.slith bloodspear	20-80 +6% to critical hit chanceSmite			14-56	+15% cold res., +1 action points, +5% to critical hit chanceSpear of the Fens	6-24	+10% acid and curse res., +3% riposte

Halberd class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

10% chance to cleave (d3 instead of d4)

				regular		cleaveCrude halberd		20-50   (10+10d4)	15-35 (5+10d3)Bronze halberd		22-58   (10+12d4)	17-62 (5+12d3)Iron halberd		25-70   (10+15d4)	20-50 (5+15d3)Molten halberd		25-70   (10+15d4)	20-50 (5+15d3)    +2 gymnasticsSteel halberd		28-82   (10+18d4) 	23-56 (5+18d3)Chaotic halberd		35-110  (10+25d4)	30-80 (5+25d3)    ensnaring for 2 turns (50%)




Bow Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level]

Crude bow		9-27Cavewood bow		12-36Lemonwood bow		14-52Yew bow			17-51Ever-rotting bow	13-39		acid 11-22 for 2 turns (50% chance)Bow of Storms		14-42		lightning for 2 turns (50%)First Expedition bow	22-66		+2 quick action, +3 bows, +2% HERPossessed bow		24-62 (5+19d3)	Heartstriker bow - attack does critical damage 50%)Bow of the Deep Woods	22-66		+10% mind effects res., +5% to healing


Longbow Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level]

+5% to hit chance

Crude longbow		11-33Cavewood longbow	15-45Lemonwood longbow 	18-54Yew longbow		22-66Farsight longbow	18-54	+5% missile damage, +10% faster fatigue recoverySage's longbow		14-42 	+5% to hit chance, +5% magical damage, +5% to blessings/curses you cause

Javelin Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Crude javelin		4-16Iron javelin		6-24Steel javelin		10-40

Razordisk Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level]

Razordisk		13-52Fine Razordisk		17-68
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I've been looking at the list as I go through working on the treatment, and there are more than a few that are off -- I haven't even gotten to pole weapons yet. They are mostly off by 1 or 2, so it's not a big deal.

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Probably worth mentioning that Frozen Blade scales with INT instead of STR. Hit chance is also affected by INT (my mage had 95% vs giants at level 20).

Damage with 35 INT and a few % magic damage bonuses is 75-270. While Steel Broadsword on my Warrior does 73-292 damage (with 39 STR).Overall a decent weapon for mages if you are fighting in melee for some reason and want to conserve mana (damage is slightly lower than icy rain, comparable to fireblast). Good vs fire immune enemies. But if you don't have problems with mana better use something defensive in weapon slot.

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