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The 10th Contest is Underway!


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I won't set an official deadline for judging, as it seems judges have different schedules for when they can do things, but if it doesn't look like someone is going to submit scores, I can omit them. Since we have a shortage of judges, feel free to submit scores even if you haven't officially signed up, but unless you've talked to me, I can't accept your scores from people who haven't signed up after December 31st, 2011.


The download page is here. If you do not have the version you want, let Tyran know ASAP.


The following scenarios will be vying for the prize of Best Short Scenario:

The Crusaders by Bain-Ihrno

The Eternal by Nikki

Gluckcluck by Enraged Slith

Quarhag Pass by Smoo

The Siege of Copperpeak by Ephesos

Warp by Ephesos


Best Short Scenario will be judged by JMP, Lazarus, and Tyranicus


The following scenarios will be vying for the prize of Best Newcomer Scenario:

The Cradle by B.J. Earles

Incorruptible by Tridash

Melliput Mobsters by Celtic Minstrel

Oops by Dintiradan

Pilgrimage to Thrakos by Sylae Correll

The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Niemand

Strange Gildra by B.J. Earles

The Triple Valley by Iffy

Waterweb by Handyman


Best Newcomer Scenario will be judged by Bain-Ihrno, Lazarus, and Tyranicus


The instructions are to give each scenario you are assigned a score from one to ten, with ten being the best. Highest score wins the category, and advances to Best Scenario Judging. If your scenario is within 80% of the top scenario, your scenario also advances. Send your scores to my Private Message Box.


There are still several scenarios that the designer hasn't announced if it is going into the contest. If you have a scenario on this list and missed the deadline, it will be up to the judges whether you can still enter.


Note that The Crusaders and Pilgrimage to Thakos are BoE scenarios.


That's about it, so get started, and have fun!

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No one yet. :-(


I just realized something. Lazarus was judging both sections, not just the newcomer section as I've been misremembering. So technically, I could be judging the non-newcomers. I really wanted to use Reading Week to work on a paper submission, but someone should spare time for this contest. :-( And if need be, I can withdraw Oops from the contest so I can judge that section as well.


One big problem, though. I've never once played BoE, so we're gonna run into the same problem as last contest. I really don't feel confident judging BoE submissions alongside BoA submissions, especially when it come to stuff like combat. If I have a lot of trouble getting through, say, Bain's scenario, is it because combat is poorly balanced, or is it because I'm not used to BoE combat?

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I could do some judging, but there are a few problems. First, I have two entries in the Newcomer category, so unless there's some way I can judge that without either wrecking or rigging my own scenarios' chances I shouldn't be judging that category. Second, I have played BoE, but it's been many, many years since I last played it for any serious length of time. Third, I've never judged a scenario contest. If you're okay with that last one, I can give this a shot.

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How about this? If Dintiradan is willing to withdraw "Oops" (no one's forcing you), he can judge the newcomers and can judge the others if he wants, whereas BJ Earles can judge just the Best Small section. That way we'll have at least three for each category. I'm hoping then me, Tyran, Dintiradan, and BJ can judge best scenario. We'll keep the judging call open so we can get more "best scenario" judges who aren't in. (The results are calculated in such a way that you can judge even if you're in).


I'm probably not the best to ask about how to judge my own scenario, because I don't want to skew the results tongue. I'll say though that the combat is intended to be difficult.


Sylae also suggested that if you know anyone who plays BoE or BoA, inviting them to judge as well. I don't expect that this will happen, but I thought I'd mention it.


If this is agreeable, the tentative deadline for this section will be March 15, 2012.


Thanks, and sorry about the delay with this contest.

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Thanks a lot BJ.


I will withdraw Oops from the contest and budget some time for judging the Newcomer section. Yes I'm busy, but so is everyone apparently, and this contest has waited long enough.


That said, my offer still stands. Be a judge in this contest, and you win a spot in my signature until March 15!

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